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Explosion-proof oven

2013-7-2 14:20:40


1.      Working chamber: oil jacket structure made from imported stainless steel plates; Interior: edge horn arc processing, no seam or dead angle, to avoid initiating explosive device’s power remaining; advanced and reasonable structure design; nice appearance; convenient maintenance;

2.      Use explosion-proof electrical products and accessories made by professional manufacturer. Fully explosion-proof safety design reaches national standard’s explosion-proof grade.

3.      Use imported SHIMADEN (Japan) electric conduction SR series intelligent temperature controller; fully digital display PID self-tuning adjustment; configure independent over-temperature protection, over current, over load and other safety measures, which can ensure machine long term use when nobody is on duty.

4.      Configure adjustable ventilation device, which can exhaust harmful gas rapidly, and also ensure the temperature field’s index in the working chamber at the same time.

5.      Configure explosion-proof pressure-relief safety door, which can reduce the loss to minimum when something unexpected happens.








Internal dimensions  (D*W*H) mm







Interior Materials

Imported stainless steel plates, closed jacket process

Shell Materials

Cold rolled sheet steel, spray plastics on surface

Temperature range

R.T. +20~85 (R.T. +20~125 or 200)

Heating mode

BTC fluid-jacket radiation heating, SSR 

Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


explosion-proof grade

Exdiam BT2~BT4

Control system

Imported microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, digital display

Signal input

Explosion-proof Pt 100 platinum resistance

Power supply

AC 380V/220V 50Hz

Standard parts

Shelf: 2, independent over-temperature protection, over current, earth leakage, short-circuit protection, low liquid level circuit breaker protection in fluid jacket , buzzer low liquid level alarm prompt function, pressure- relief explosion-proof door, explosion-proof electrical cabinet

Other explosion-proof treatment process

Antistatic treatment, edge horn arc processing (to prevent tested object  remaining, easy to clean)

Optional parts

1. Optional explosion-proof anticorrosion oven, industrial grade anticorrosion processing (heavy anticorrosion coating Halar); Imported explosion-proof anticorrosion vacuum pump;

2. Program controller, DCS remote control system, relief valve, flammable explosive dust monitoring system;

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